Satoshi Action Fund Announces Elite Sponsorship for Mining Disrupt 2023, Advocates for Bitcoin Mining

Miami, Florida, July 20, 2023 — Satoshi Action Fund, a prominent Bitcoin Mining Advocacy Organization, has been announced as an elite sponsor for Mining Disrupt 2023, a major event that fosters innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry.

The event, scheduled to take place in Miami, Florida, between July 25-27, is set to bring together industry leaders, upcoming talents, and enthusiasts from across the globe. Satoshi Action Fund’s sponsorship reflects its enduring dedication to promoting and protecting the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism on the Bitcoin protocol.

Satoshi Action Fund will use this event to further our advocacy, helping government entities adopt Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining by changing the narrative around Bitcoin mining.

The Satoshi Action Fund believes in the transformative potential of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism and its capacity to positively impact the economy, the power grid, and the planet. The organization has been diligently building relationships and crafting model policies to attract more Bitcoin mining in a sustainable and efficient manner. It encourages individual states to do their own research by enacting commissions or councils to study this new, innovative technology.

Their model policy has been adopted as the basis for nine different bills introduced in seven states. This is a significant first step for the Satoshi Action Fund as a new organization, with their efforts set to ensure that these policies cross the finish line in the years 2023-2024.

The Fund successfully passed the ‘Right to Mine’ Bitcoin bill into law in the states of Arkansas and Montana in 2023. Both laws protect miners from certain types of discrimination, while also ensuring that local governments have the tools to prevent bad actors. In Montana, they also secured a ban on any additional taxes on Bitcoin when used as a form of payment.

With a broad array of advocacy tools, Satoshi Action Fund continues to outline the specific benefits of Bitcoin mining, creating valuable resources for policymakers and providing crucial support to the industry.

About Satoshi Action Fund:

Satoshi Action Fund is a leading Bitcoin Mining Advocacy Organization dedicated to protecting the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism on the Bitcoin protocol. The Fund believes in the potential of Bitcoin mining to positively impact the economy, the grid, and the planet and is devoted to ensuring government entities adopt Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. 

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