Announcing the Ape Gorilla Launch, a new NFT collection based on community education that provides networking and business support.

13 January 2022 — Ape Gorilla has announced the release of its non-fungible tokens, a collection of groundbreaking 11,337 3D Ape Gorillas with unique designs, on the Ethereum network. Ape Gorilla NFT holders will have access to the exclusive Ape Gorilla Club, which was designed to provide everyone with the same possibilities to develop, prosper, and enhance their business-building skills, and networking opportunities.

With an Ape Gorilla, you will sit among the world’s most astute crypto visionaries and NFT collectors.

The Ape Gorilla Whitelist is now available for sign-ups, allowing you to purchase ahead of time before it’s too late! The whitelist will be open from January 11th through February 2nd.

The 1,337 whitelist spaces will be distributed and minitable on which will then be displayed on Opensea, with rewards being posted on Discord.

The key points of the NFT token release are as follows:

  • Total Supply: 11,337
  • Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet
  • Floor Price: 0.58 ETH

Mint Information: There will be only three chances to obtain Ape Gorilla membership, with limited availability.

  1. 1,337 whitelist spots will be available starting 02/02/2022 @ 2:22 PM EST, at 0.38 ETH. For more information on Ape Gorilla and their project scope, visit
  2. 2,000 Private Event Sale (Platinum Presale) will be available starting 08/02/2022 @ 2:22 PM PST, at 0.38 ETH.
  3. 8,000 of the primary collection with date yet to be announced, will sell at 0.58 ETH.

Ape Gorilla Benefits:

Ape Gorilla will have members clubs with a physical “Ape Gorilla Club” location that can accommodate up to 100 members at any given time.The Ape Gorilla Club NFT will serve as the admission ticket, and it must be present in the member’s wallet to get access.

Each Ape Gorilla Club venue will include a gallery where owners may see and showcase gorillas. Physical headquarters will be established all over the world, acquired over time to host blockchain-related events, masterminds, and academic gatherings.

Holders have a wide variety of unique features thanks to the collection’s more than 300 traits. Ape Gorillas with specific custom characteristics receive access to specific events based on the usefulness attributed to each trait and its rarity. A “Golden Ticket” characteristic, for example, grants admission to physical concerts, merch, and a Metaverse meeting, whereas “Bronze Ticket” attributes grant access to the exclusive Metaverse meeting. By possessing multiple Ape Gorilla NFTs or an extremely rare Ape Gorilla, holders can earn greater degrees of access to club events and VIP status.

Ape Gorilla’s Social Platforms:

About Ape Gorilla:

Ape Gorilla has recently successfully obtained $350,000 in funding and a key partnership with the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Through NFT club membership will provide web 3 integration and real life benefits to members. They are focused on equipping people and businesses with the tools they need to develop revolutionary products that make Earth a happier, better place to live.

Cody Stewart

Cody Stewart

I have been trading cryptocurrencies for over 2 years now and have written numerous articles on the subject. I have also given talks on the topic at various conferences. In addition to being a cryptocurrency expert, I am also a certified financial planner.