We have all had our own share of visions and dreams, from childhood to teen. But, only a few make dreams and visions come true in the long run. This could be because of financial issues, health concerns, mental and willpower stability, and so on. To emerge successfully, one has to redefine all the odds and tackle a lot of obstacles. This might sound easier, but it is pretty hard in real life. But people who redefine the odds and tackle the challenges in life can be the kings and queens of their own empire. One such achiever and an inspiration to many is Hardik Joshi, the COO of Citrus, a blockchain gaming platform. 


Hardik Joshi has always been an admirer of cryptocurrencies and gaming platforms. Hardik Joshi started his professional career as a motivational speaker and a start-up consultant. Inspiring many by his motivational speeches and encouraging a lot of developers in their start-up process, there was only one aim, to serve and bring a lot of opportunities to the people around him. With many satisfied by the complete marketing solutions provided by Hardik Joshi, he became an experienced professional with a lot more ideas in his pocket. Serving people by sharing his thoughts and innovations, there came a turning point in Hardik’s life. A perfect platform for deploying Hardik’s ideas and a platform that met all his expectations of being a dream job – Citrus. Being an ardent enthusiast of blockchain technology himself, he was offered to work as the chief marketing officer of the blockchain gaming platform, Citrus. Citrus gave him the opportunity to witness the power of blockchain technology first-hand. With a fantastic team of Avanik Vekariya, the founder of Citrus, and Hardik Joshi, the chief operating officer of Citrus, Hardik Joshi continues to deliver his best for the customers and the revolution of blockchain gaming. 


As a strong business professional, Hardik Joshi believes in a systematic approach towards achieving objectives. He believes in the vision of leading the revolution of blockchain technology to create a global crypto marketplace. Hardik Joshi is the co-founder of KaroStartup, a consultant agency that provides mentorship and investment for entrepreneurs from tier 2 and 3 cities. The headquarters is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 


All the members of Citrus are working day and night to provide the best for its users, and the contribution from Hardik Joshi is mind-blowing.  The primary mission of Citrus is to create a marketplace with a global reach and to provide the most secure and trusted platform. Being the chief operation officer of Citrus, Hardik Joshi is keen on promoting and educating millions about the crypto market and the blockchain technology behind games. “ We intend on providing and contributing our fullest in the development of gaming platforms and revolution of blockchain technology,” said Hardik Joshi in a recent interview about the future of Citrus foundation. Hardik is also a regular user of google digital garage. He uses this fantastic platform to reach out to the masses and educate them about crypto and blockchain technologies. With a young and decisive mindset, Hardik is taking the internet by storm, providing worldwide opportunities to gamers, game developers, and the gaming industry as a whole. 


Having built a community out of peer trust, Citrus and Citrus tokens are getting high demands from the masses. “Holding Citrus tokens is akin to holding a precious commodity,” says Hardikf after we quiz him about the future of Citrus. Citrus tokens are gaining more liquidity and hold a fair share of value in the crypto marketplace. Although it might seem skeptical for an average gamer or a game developer to believe in a budding organization and invest in it, The same was the talk when Bitcoin was first introduced. But now, it is the go-to digital currency with a cap of billions of dollars worldwide. We can never expect how a tide could change, and it is always recommended to invest in a credible platform such as Citrus. 

Cody Stewart

Cody Stewart

I have been trading cryptocurrencies for over 2 years now and have written numerous articles on the subject. I have also given talks on the topic at various conferences. In addition to being a cryptocurrency expert, I am also a certified financial planner.